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Term Definition
abandoned ballot abandoned ballot Description, Ballot that the voter did not place in the ballot box or record as cast on DRE before leaving the polling place
absent absent Description,
absentee application absentee application Description,
absentee application form absentee application form Description,
absentee ballot absentee ballot Description, Ballot cast by a voter unable to vote in person at his or her polling place on Election Day
absentee ballot request form absentee ballot request form Description,
absentee mail process absentee mail process Description,
absentee procedures absentee procedures Description,
absentee vote absentee vote Description,
absentee voter absentee voter Description,
absentee voter status absentee voter status Description,
absentee voting by mail absentee voting by mail Description,
absolute majority absolute majority Description,
abstain abstain Description,
acceptance of candidacy acceptance of candidacy Description,
acceptance testing acceptance testing Description, Examination of a voting system and its components by the purchasing election authority (usually in a simulated-use environment) to validate performance of delivered units in accordance with procurement requirements, and to validate that the delivered system is, in fact, the certified system purchased.
access access Description,
access (verb) access (verb) Description,
Access Board; access board Access Board; access board Description, Independent federal agency whose primary mission is accessibility for people with disabilities and a leading source of information on accessible design.
Access to Campaign Materials Act Access to Campaign Materials Act Description,

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