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Election Administration in Urban and Rural Areas

HAVA (b)(15) requires EAC to study "[m]atters particularly relevant to voting and administering elections in rural and urban areas." The purpose of this study is to determine the ways in which election officials conduct voter outreach, secure personnel, and handle any cost-related challenges associated with administering general elections in rural and urban jurisdictions.

Free or Reduced Postage for the Return of Voted Absentee Ballots

 This report examines the feasibility and advisability of reducing or eliminating the cost of postage to return a voted absentee ballot.

Voter ID

Section 241 of HAVA authorizes EAC to conduct periodic studies of election administration issues, with the purpose of identifying methods for voting and election administration that are convenient, accessible and easy to use, secure and expeditious, and that give each voter an equal opportunity to have their vote counted.

This study provides information on voter identification practices in the 2004 election. It makes recommendations for best practices to evaluate future proposals for voter ID requirements. 

Research & Data