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Changes to Certified Systems

A Change Order is identified as any change submitted to a VSTL for approval to a voting system under testing, or a previously certified voting system. Two classes of Change Orders exist: modification and de minimis. Both classes of Change Orders are defined in the Voting System Testing and Certification Program Manual.

When a Change Order is submitted to the VSTL, appropriate documentation is submitted alongside the Change Order. A single Change Order can be tied to multiple systems, as long as it is declared on the initial Change Order’s submission form. This page displays the approved Change Orders for EAC certified voting systems. These reports are updated as the EAC approves submitted Change Orders.

See below the following changes that have been examined and when necessary tested by a VSTL and approved by the EAC, or visit the Resource Library.


Election Systems & Software, Inc. (ES&S)

The following changes are valid for ES&S, Rev 1, and certifications.

07/11/11 -- ES&S, Rev 1, and

05/18/11 -- ES&S, Rev 1, and