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Voting Equipment

Notices of Clarification

A Notice of Clarification (NOC) provides further guidance and explanation on the requirements and procedures of the EAC's Voting System Certification or Voting System Testing Laboratory programs. NOCs may be issued pursuant to a clarification request from an EAC voting system test laboratory or an EAC registered manufacturer. EAC may also issue NOCs when it determines general clarifications are necessary.

NOC 2019-01 -- Software De Minimis Changes

NOC 2017-01 -- New System Designation

NOC 2016-03 -- Test Case Upload

NOC 2016-02 -- Trusted Build 

NOC 2016-01 -- Test Readiness Review

NOC 2015-01 -- Test Readiness Review

NOC 2014-01 -- EAC Technology Testing Agreement

NOC 2013-02 -- Detailed Description of Changes for Modifications

NOC 2013-01 -- Discrepancy Listing in Test Report

NOC 2012-02 -- Clarification of System Identification Tool Functionality

NOC 2012-01 -- Clarification of COTS Product Equivalency for De Minimis Change

NOC 2011-01 -- Clarification of De Minimis Change Determination Requirements Related to Data

NOC 2009-005-- Development and Submission of Test Plans for Modifications to EAC Certified Systems

NOC 2009-004-- Development and Submission of Test Reports 

NOC 2009-003-- De Minimis Change Determination Requirements 

NOC 2009-002-- Laboratory Independence Requirement

NOC 2009-001-- Requirements for Test Lab Development and Submission of Test Plans

NOC 2008-003-- EAC Conformance Testing Requirements

NOC 2008-002-- EAC Mark of Certification

NOC 2008-001-- Validity of Prior Non-core Hardware Environmental and EMC Testing

NOC 2007-005-- Voting System Test Laboratory Responsibilities in the Management and Oversight of Third Party Testing

NOC 2007-004-- Voting System Manufacturing Facilities

NOC 2007-003-- State Testing Done in Conjunction with Federal Testing within the EAC Program

NOC 2007-002-- VSTL Work with Manufacturers Outside of Voting System Certification Engagements

NOC 2007-001-- Timely Submission of Certification Application

Voting Equipment